At Fine Jewellery by Colette we provide complimentary appraisals with all our custom designed jewellery.


Call or email to book a consultation with one of our jewellery experts to discuss your appraisal requirements. We will advise which pieces of jewellery in your collection warrant fully described certificates
($35-50 per piece).

The alternative to a full certificate is an itemized list, typically for jewellery with replacement values under $1000-1500  ($15-20 per piece).

Testing jewellery requires weighing, counting, describing, evaluating, identifying and photographing each piece.

Sales receipts are not considered appraisals. Appraisals are legal documents that must be produced by a trained and designated gemmologist. We provide typed evaluations in certificate format which will include:

  • Manufacturing details (i.e. metal content, fabrication and setting method or other embellishment)
  • Identification and grading of stones or diamonds (clarity, cut, colour and carat with GIA gemmological grading system to support findings)
  • Colour photograph
  • Retail replacement, fair market or estate values

Having valid and updated documentation (updated every 3-5 years) for each individual piece of jewellery allows you to obtain proper insurance coverage. In the event of loss, theft or damage, you can submit a claim to have your items replaced.

It is recommended not to wait until it is too late for an appraisal.                            

We can provide you with a comprehensive portfolio for your records.




Please call or e-mail us to schedule an appointment for your consultation.