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Diamond tennis necklace 16 1/4 Diamond tennis necklace 16 1/4
Diamond tennis necklace 16 1/4

85x.20ct=17.0ct SI1 G-H\n3.6x2=.20ctx2=.40ct\n1x.21ct=.21ct\n3.8x1=.23ct=.23ct\n3.95x3=.25ct=.75ct\n18.60CT TDW\n

Diamond line necklace 1 Diamond line necklace 1
Diamond line necklace 1

20x0.04ct,34x0.045ct,20x0.06ct,12x0.075ct,14x0.078ct,\n10x0.085ct,6x0.11ct,4x0.15ct,4x0.21ct,1x0.24ct,1x0.28ct,\n1x0.60ct TDW=9.37ct I1/SI1 G-H

Diamond Necklace Diamond Necklace
Diamond Dangle Necklace

A beautiful intricately crafted diamond necklace Diamond: 0.59ct 18k White gold

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