Colette has a passion for the jewellery business which has led her to sourcing gemstones and diamonds within the international market, grading diamonds for the GIA gemological laboratory (in London England), custom designing and appraising for local high end jewellery stores, teaching workshops, consulting for important jewellery auctions and trade organizations, and then finally setting down roots with her own store front at 928 Eglinton Avenue West in Toronto.

She opened her store, Fine Jewellery by Colette in 2002 and has been producing quality jewellery ever since. Well known for her creative design ability, Colette has a loyal following of clients who greatly respect her exceptional jewellery knowledge and implicitly trust her to create innovative, imaginative, and elegant pieces of jewellery for themselves and their families year after year. 

Her passion for fine jewellery shines through in her dedication and complete desire for a positive jewellery experience.


Fine Jewellery by Colette could not operate without the dedicated team of jewellery experts and jewellery enthusiasts that fill each department. 

Our shop is home to four experienced Goldsmiths, a computer designer skilled in CAD design, and six sales clerks, three of who have completed formal jewellery/gemmology training.

Our team of jewellery experts are dedicated to providing our diverse client base with comfort, respect and professionalism on every visit to our store. Each member plays an essential role in the smoothly run operation. Our aim is to provide quality jewellery products to our clientele in a warm and welcoming environment.      

With one single location located in the centre of Toronto, we provide a one stop shop for ready made jewellery pieces, custom orders, repairs and more.